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Tools used: Fluid UI, Axure, Pages

Analyzed Austin Community College's Online Services

Identified UX problems while navigating through ACC's student services. I then took that information and developed a prototype using Fluid UI. Next, I asked fellow students to test my design and give feed back.


User name: Lindsay

The overall opinion that Lindsay has of the online services pages is that it is confusing and overwhelming. She feels that it is hard to get around the site. When asked what her primary purpose is for using the site, she said that she pays tuition, checks financial aid, adds and/or drops classes, and looks at what text books she needs for classes. She would like for the site to be more intuitive. She doesn’t want to think about what steps are next. When the page is processing, she likes feedback, maybe a clock or something to tell her it is processing. She believes that function is more important than look. She would like for the fonts to be bigger. She likes to go on the site, do what she came there for and get off. When asked if she is influenced by what she reads on the web, she said it depends on what it is. Her primary piece of technology that she uses when viewing the ACC online services site is her desktop.

User name: Robert

The overall opinion that Robert has of the site is that it is not needed. He believes that we only need blackboard. We sign in too many times. When using online services, he goes to the page where he can find out what text books he needs for classes, checks his course grades and GPA. When asked if he is influenced easily by what he reads on sites, he said that he is about 65% of the time. Later, I asked him how he would like the site to be. He stated that he would like for it to be simple and not have to think. He likes to be able to click on a button and then be there. He doesn’t like to wait. He likes to go to the site, do and get off. He thinks that the appearance of the site is okay. Although, when he first looks at it it is confusing. The colors and the buttons are nice. After thinking about what he said, he decided that hates the site more than he likes it.

User name: Jeff

The overall opinion that Jeff has is that the site is too cluttered. There are too many options when logging in. He would like to just log in, do what he needs to and log off. He likes it to be intuitive. He doesn’t want pictures or staff. When on the site, he checks schedules, textbooks needed for classes, registers for classes, and sometimes looks at his degree evaluation. If he is waiting for something to process, he wants feedback. After the semester begins, he doesn’t use the site. When asked if he is influenced easily, he said no. Overall, he would like online services to be simply, less is more, mobile first. Also, he would like to be able to customize the site to meet his needs. He uses his iPad the most when browsing.